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Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

Coronavirus is back, and this time it’s hitting with a vengeance. As we go into the winter of 2020 all the predictions are coming true about how the cold season combined with COVID-19 is triggering some of the worst caseload expected without a cure. Steven Odzer, like everyone else, is living through this pandemic of the modern century and wants all of us to do something about it. He’s leading by example.


Stepping Out in Front, It’s What Steven Odzer Always Does


Back in earlier 2020, Steven Odzer led the way by taking $100,000 of his own funds and purchasing invaluable personal protective equipment for the very frontline health workers, nurses, and doctors helping all of us and working tirelessly around the clock in the New York City hospitals.


Odzer blazed a simple but effective path for philanthropists to do something about COVID, kickstarting the way for action against COVID-19 with a financial approach. Steven Odzer coordinated with and used his own experience and networking in logistics to expedite the transport and delivery of critical PPE gear. When he saw doctors and nurses literally telling reporters and social media how they had been using the same masks and materials for weeks on end to stretch limited supplies, Steven Odzer thought it was ridiculous in a country so powerful and rich. Yet literally, the most modern medical system in the world couldn’t keep it’s own medical experts protected.


Steven Odzer Encourages Everyone to do Something


With any virus outbreak, PPE gear is absolutely essential, especially for those directly dealing with patients who are already infected. If experienced and trained medical responders were falling in large numbers, who was going to be left when numbers hit the hospitals with bigger waves in the winter? It was a simple case of necessity; Steven Odzer didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize what was collapsing and how fragile the modern care system actually was turning out to be.


Can other philanthropists still help? Absolutely. Steven Odzer will be the first to point out that things are far from over. Many like him reach out every day and quietly work to avert disasters, knowing full well they have the ability to influence more than the average person. It’s a responsibility people like Steven Odzer are willing to take on, providing help when it is most needed. COVID won’t go away with more masks, but by helping medical responders stay healthy and stop becoming statistics as well, it can help all of us get to a time when a vaccine finally become available. Steven Odzer doesn’t want to read the obituary of another doctor or nurse in 2020. Neither should anyone else with the means to help.

Steven Odzer Discusses The Importance of Sports Amid The Pandemic

 Steven Odzer is happy to see sports come back after a long break due to the pandemic. He is an avid fan of the Las Vegas Knights and has been a sports fan all his life. As the country begins to recover, sports will provide a distraction that will help unify the American people. 

Why Steven Odzer Thinks Sports Can Uplift People During the Pandemic 

According to Forbes Magazine, sports provide outlets for people stuck at home, with stores being closed. He couldn’t agree more. Sports help people rise above the everyday problems in life to something higher. Steven Odzer says that’s a welcome relief in the midst of the coronavirus. 

NBA champion Pau Gasol said that he and other athletes act as role models. Kids emulate sports stars and try to follow in their footsteps. Although organized sports are partly under wraps due to the virus, teams are finding ways to stay safe while competing. Steven Odzer applauds the perseverance of athletes from elementary school to professional sports personalities. 

Steven Odzer

Sports During the Coronavirus | Steven Odzer 

After the coronavirus became an official pandemic per the World Health Organization (WHO) in March, officials reacted swiftly to the rising infection rates, which unfortunately included some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. Several members of one team would contract the disease in a single game. 

Steven Odzer was as disappointed as other fans when the NHL shut down, grounding the Las Vegas Knights and other professional hockey franchises. He believes that the virus taught the world how to look out for other people. By wearing protective gear and following social distancing rules, every citizen became part of the solution. Steven Odzer applauded the teams that followed suit. 

The Flattening Curve Brought Back Sports Steven Odzer 

Steven Odzer says that the precaution of citizens, athletes, and the whole world brought about sports’ resurrection. The shutdown began when Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert came down with the virus. Now, the MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL have resumed their seasons, finishing curtailed playoffs and championships in empty stadiums, arenas, and pitches. 

Steven Odzer notes that the impact of coronavirus continues. For example, the 2020 Olympics will now take place next summer, and Europe has also suspended soccer play in response to COVID-19. 

It’s hard to predict where the coronavirus will strike next. Focused research could accelerate the discovery of a more effective treatment or a vaccine. Steven Odzer felt encouraged by the precautions taken to protect players and fans and looks forward to a, hopefully, normalization of schedules in 2021-22 seasons. 

Amid Isolation, Steven Odzer Reflects on the Lessons Learned From Raising a Large Family

Countless countries and cities have gone through shutdowns in recent months amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, billions of people were in lockdown, including most of the citizens of India, China, and the European Union. While restrictions have eased in some places, social distancing remains the norm for many. The long months inside have frayed the nerves of many. For philanthropist Steven Odzer, this has meant weeks inside. Now, Steven Odzer is offering some sage insights he picked up while raising a large family, including 8 kids, and now, 9 grandchildren.

“It’s been a challenge, there’s no way around it. I love my family, of course. But we all need our space and alone time,” Steven Odzer says. “It can be hard to find that quiet time when you’re stuck in the house amid a pandemic. And no matter how big your home, it’s hard to find space with a large family. I’ve found many of the lessons I learned while raising a large family apply now.”

Steven Odzer Says Managing Stress is Important for Families

The impacts of COVID-19 on families will probably be felt for years to come. Divorce rates have spiked in recent months, and many blame the pandemic. From March to June 2020 divorce rates were up 34% in the United States compared with the same period in 2019.

“Everyone is stressed, people are losing their income, and confined spaces likely make arguments more common,” Steven Odzer notes. “One thing I found while balancing a busy entrepreneurial career and a large family is that communication is vital. Communicate early on before a small problem becomes a major one, stay calm, approach things rationally, and make sure you offer empathy.”

Mental health issues have come to the forefront amid the pandemic and it’s not hard to see why. Isolation, long periods cooped up inside, worries about falling sick, there are plenty of stress factors. A report by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) found that over 40% of adults reported mental health or substance abuse issues during the pandemic. Steven Odzer knows just how vital managing stress is.

“Managing stress is hard. With my family, we sometimes had quiet hours during the day, and of course, at night. Let everyone know that from 1PM to 4PM that it’s siesta time. Retire to your rooms, curl up in the den and read a book, and respect everyone’s quiet time. That can really help in a cramped house,” Steven Odzer says.

Many young people have had to move back home with their parents amid the pandemic as well. That’s true for Steven Odzer and others. In the United States, the unemployment rate weighed in at 7.9% in September. While an improvement from 14.7% in April, the unemployment rate is still more than double what it was a year ago. With so many people facing economic uncertainty, more are now living under one roof.

“I know a lot of empty nesters are welcoming their kids back home. It’s tough for everyone. It’s important to remember that we are all victims of circumstance right now,” Steven Odzer relates. “Families need to stick together. Divided we fall, united we triumph.”

Balancing It All: Business Phenom Steven Odzer Explains How To Balance Family Time And Corporate Life

How Renowned Businessman Steven Odzer Manages To Have It All

Steven Odzer is known for many things: his commitment to charity, his admirable business acumen, his commitment to supporting immigrants, but most of all, for being a man who puts family first. It can be hard to rise to the top in business like Steven Odzer, while still maintaining a rich and vibrant family life. Steven Odzer has managed to do exactly that, and he’s sharing his tips to help others do the same.

Steven Odzer recommends striving for a balance between work and home life, but remembering that it doesn’t necessarily need to be 50/50 all the time. It’s natural for some weeks to have more time spent focusing on family, and other times focusing more on work.

Steven OdzerSteven Odzer recommends being honest with both your company and your family when the other needs to take priority. Communication is key. When you have an especially busy week at work, Steven Odzer recommends talking with your family to let them know what’s going on. It may be helpful to schedule in some time with them after things calm down at work. Simply knowing that you have time to connect on the horizon can make the busy times at work easier to handle. At the office, letting your employees know when you have a family event well ahead of time can be helpful. Steven Odzer says that this can give your employees the push that they need to get work that needs your approval out of the way early, which can help ensure that you get out of the office on time.

It’s also key to ensure that the time you get with your family is high quality, according to Steven Odzer. When you get the chance to spend time with your family, put your phone away, and make it clear that your focus is on the people you love. It’s easy to waste family time constantly checking email, or stepping out to take work calls. While this can be a necessity sometimes, do the best that you can to set your work aside when you’re connecting with your family members.

Steven Odzer also recommends being honest with your family if you’ve put them on the back burner for work in the past. Let them know that you’re working hard to provide them with the life they deserve, but that you’re also ready to make some changes so that you have more time together.

Steven Odzer on the Importance of Making Family a Priority While Growing Your Business

Although Steven Odzer is a successful businessman, he knows that success in only one area of your life leaves a lot to be desired. Many people have found great success in business, but their families have suffered because of it. In the end, what do they have?

It is essential to make his family a priority along the way, or you wake up one day, and all the money in the world means nothing. Achieving this balance is not always an easy thing to do, but it is well worth the effort. Steven Odzer says it takes vigilance and reminding yourself of what makes life worth living.

Steven Odzer (5)Steven Odzor says he had a great example in his late father, Yehoshua BenTzvi Hakohain Odzer. His father was always supportive of his son and a great role model. He was so proud of his son when at 18, Steven started a business in their basement and worked hard to make it a success.

Steven Odzor and his wife have seven children and nine grandchildren. They are a large close family, but they also are very involved with their extended family in Israel. Unfortunately, this was never more evident than when Hamas kidnapped Steven’s cousin, Nachshon Wachsman, and after a failed rescue attempt by the Israeli Military, was murdered. What a terrible time for the whole family, changing Steven Odzer’s life forever.

Steven Odzer says there are many ways in which to have a close family, even if you are busy building businesses and being involved in philanthropy work.

First, your children must always know that you love them and have their best interests at heart. Steven Odzer believes our full attention is often the best gift you can give them. Many times, just being willing to listen wholly is all they want.

Steven Odzer says as parents; we are often too quick to try to figure out a child’s problems without getting all the facts, just trying to hurry things along. The art of listening is so important when dealing with family or business.

Steven Odzer believes we must teach our children the essential things in life. Many times, we teach by example, which means more than the things we say. Children do not want perfect parents, but it is vital to be the type of person they respect. His father was this example for him, and he has tried to be the same for his children and grandchildren.

Steven Odzer says, “success to me is building a legacy for my family, as my father did for me.”

Steven Odzer Talks About Traveling Outside of NY State

Steven Odzer Explains How Travel Outside of New York Can Be Complicated

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the entire country. Some areas have become hotspots, making it difficult to visit them without fear of getting the virus. Should people need to or want to travel outside of New York, Steven Odzer recommends understanding the risks.

Stephen Odzer, an entrepreneur in New York, loves to travel with his family. However, as someone who has also been involved in the distribution industry for over 30 years, he has seen the problems that traveling brings. He provides an overview of what it means to travel in the pandemic, including what may be open and what has to be done upon returning to New York.

Many hotels, restaurants, and other businesses are closed by state order. This is not only in New York but elsewhere, too. The hot spots can change by the week, too. South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona are gaining in Covid-19 numbers, Stephen Odzer explains. Depending on where a person wants to travel outside of New York, the numbers can be higher than what they had been previously exposed to.

Steven OdzerStephen Odzer suggests looking at the current curve of cases for where a person wants to travel. Further, he recommends doing research to find out if there are hotels and other accommodations open. Otherwise, traveling to a city can lead to being unable to stay comfortably.

Further, some cities and states are requiring a two-week self-quarantine for people who travel to and from certain areas. Traveling out of New York can still be problematic because of the number of cases that were in the state. Additionally, Stephen Odzer explains that New York still has a travel advisory in place. Even if a person lives in New York, they may have to go through a required quarantine if they visit certain states.

As of June 25, the states that require a quarantine, Stephen Odzer discusses, include such states as Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and many others. These numbers are based on a rolling average of positive tests that exceed 10 per 100,000 residents.

While Stephen Odzer admits that he would love to do some traveling with his family, he is choosing to wait. New York is still actively fighting the virus. Meanwhile, other parts of the U.S. are becoming more and more problematic. Although many states started to open up in June, the numbers are increasing – and that’s leading to states choosing to lock everything back up again.

Things can change at any time, Stephen Odzer explains. He recommends that people take the time to look at the travel advisories that are published by the New York Department of Health. It will provide not only guidance for travel but also a list of states that would require the need to quarantine after visiting them.

Steven Odzer Answers the Question: Is It Wise to Start a New Business During Covid-19?

Steven Odzer has turned small startups into significant successes over the years and has the kind of experience that makes him an expert on many elements of the marketplace. For example, he recently discussed why new businesses are a great idea during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The New Business World Needs Startups, Steven Odzer Says 

With over 30 years of success behind his belt, Steven Odzer feels confident that he knows how to predict changes in the market and the different ways people can react to them and succeed. And he believes that starting a new business during the Covid-19 pandemic is a great idea. There are a few reasons why he believes that now might be the time for many to strike while the iron is hot. 

First of all, Steven Odzer has seen a large number of small businesses fail because they were not prepared for the changes brought on by Covid-19. These companies did not have the proper nest egg or emergency situation set up, he says, and suffered for it. And this loss of business is tragic, he says, because many of these companies were very promising and beneficial for their community.

However, Steven Odzer also believes that canny and intelligent young business people can step in and fill the void left behind by these business failures. The route to success is there – the market hasn’t dried up and people still need to do business. However, Steven Odzer believes that the types of startups that are going to be successful in this new marketplace are pretty specific and may be surprising to many.

Where to Invest in This New Market 

Covid-29 has changed the world in many ways and created a perfect backdrop for startups that are willing to step in and take up the slack. Steven Odzer sees this period as the ideal time for new businesses because they can do what their predecessors did not. By paying attention to the dangers of Covid-19 and creating a plan based on this pandemic, new companies can become highly successful, Steven Odzer states. 

First of all, the home improvement market seems to be on the rise, as more and more people are trying to learn how to live at home and take care of themselves. Steven Odzer believes that companies that can provide for this need are going to succeed. Companies that focus on this “at home” living can capture the public’s imagination, Steven Odzer states. 

Beyond that, Steven Odzer believes that startups that focus on working from home will also succeed. The “gig” economy will see the end of significant offices, he predicts, as more and more companies move to stay-at-home work. And businesses that follow this trend early will be more likely to succeed, Steven Odzer believes.

Steven Odzer Discusses the Response to Coronavirus in Israel

Steven Odzer provides his opinion on the current state of Coronavirus in Israel and the response from Israelis all over the world.

Steven Odzer is no stranger to philanthropy, especially when it comes to Israel. Over the years, Steven Odzer has spent a great deal of time in Israel to visit family, do business, and help those in need. With the ongoing spread of Coronavirus, the need for aid in Israel has never been greater.

Fortunately, the state of Israel is not alone in the fight. Israelis (and friends of Israel) from around the world are currently donating their time, money, and medical supplies to those afflicted by this terrible virus. Steven Odzer counts himself among this number, though he’s more interested in the collective effort that is underway to help a nation in need.

Steven Odzer Opens Up About the Response to Coronavirus In and Outside of Israel

As a family man, Steven Odzer thinks of the Coronavirus as a detriment to the family unit. It is particularly harmful to older citizens in Israel (and around the world). Due to its deadly impact, Steven Odzer is very passionate on the subject of COVID-19 and its effects in Israel:

  • “Unfortunately, Coronavirus is unlike anything the world has seen in the last century. I’m glad to say that the government in Israel was relatively well prepared to deal with the problem, though the battle is far from over. Sadly, many countries, including my home in the United States, were not so lucky. New York City was hit particularly hard.” – Steven Odzer


  • “The initial response in Israel could have been faster, but the Israeli people are resilient and ready to take drastic measures when ready. Surveillance within the country’s boundaries has helped isolate new cases, while social distancing and protective masks have slowed the spread significantly.” – Steven Odzer


  • “Israel is home to some of the most advanced technology in the world, which has actually helped keep the virus from becoming a national catastrophe. We’ve done well to screen people for signs of the virus, including fever, cough, and other flu-like symptoms. However, once the virus starts spreading communally, it becomes much, much harder to control. That’s the issue that Israel, and countries throughout the world, are currently facing.” – Steven Odzer


  • “Strict border control has also helped keep Israel from becoming one of the hardest-hit countries. By screening incoming travelers closely and shutting down its borders when necessary, Israel reduces the risk of bringing the virus in from China, Italy, or other hard-hit nations.” – Steven Odzer

“Israel has done much better than the United States, but it’s not out of the woods just yet. There is still a great need for medical professionals, supplies, and education in more remote regions. This means that all Israelis around the world have an obligation and a duty to come together to protect our beautiful homeland.” – Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer Identifies the Importance of Family During Pandemic

With a Large Family, Many Still in Israel, Steven Odzer Talks About Emphasizing Family During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for people to connect with family. Flights around the globe are canceled. Social distancing prevents people from getting closer than six feet to people outside of their household. This leaves many people talking about family. Steven Odzer, an Israeli who is now in New York, explores the importance of family.

“It’s important to stay in touch with everyone,” Steven Odzer states. He recommends doing this through any means necessary – Skype, email, telephone, and even by writing letters.

Steven Odzer explains that much of his family is still in Israel. It’s not easy to see them on a regular basis. Even if he wanted to hop a plane to see them in person, the pandemic makes it impossible. With seven kids and nine grandkids, he must use technology to maintain communication.

Everyone needs a mental health check-in to ensure that they are doing okay. Since family get-togethers are impossible during the pandemic, many families are out of sync with one another. They’re not getting their normal bonding in.

Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer looks to talk with his family as a way to connect. The human connection is critical, especially during times of high stress. The pandemic has made it harder for families to reach each other. As such, he goes the extra distance to reach out, even with those he doesn’t typically see on a regular basis.

Psychology Today has published a significant amount regarding the ‘meaning of family’ during the pandemic. Steven Odzer explains that families are capable of providing a support system. There are plenty of ways to reach out while still maintaining social distancing. It can be anything from organizing an online call to dropping off groceries on a doorstep to waving while driving by in a car.

By maintaining close contact with families, they can provide the strength and joy needed to get through the pandemic. With so many things changed, it can be easy to fall into depression. Steven Odzer works to make sure that doesn’t happen by reaching out to family near and far on a weekly basis.

Steven Odzer explains that it’s particularly hard on the kids. He sees the frustration within his kids and grandkids because they’re not able to participate in their normal routine. Schools have been canceled. There’s no outlet for socialization. Steven Odzer counts himself as lucky because of having a large family. It allows the kids to grow up with cousins as an extended part of the family.

Since no one knows how long the pandemic and the social distancing is going to last, Steven Odzer urges everyone to find a way to stay connected with family. They’re the lifeline that’s needed to maintain sanity during these times of high anxiety.

Steven Odzer

Exclusive Facts No One Knew About Steven Odzer

As a businessman with over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry, and someone who started selling goods door to door, Steven Odzer has an incredible story not known to many.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Yeshiva of Flatbush High School in Brooklyn. Once I graduated, I attended the Brooklyn College Scholars program. Education is one of the most important aspects of growth, so I wanted to help future generations achieve the same level of success I did. My strong belief that education can make a difference is why I created the Stephen Odzer Scholarship program. It’s a way for me to give back to the community. This year’s winners have been announced, but for future scholarship opportunities, students can visit

You talked a lot about how much you admire your father; what’s the most crucial advice your father gave you?

My father taught me to surround myself with important people. I get my inspiration from the business connections I make. Two of my partners are billionaires, and I stay involved with the Republic Jewish Coalition. I recently joined the Economic Club, where I have been able to meet some of the most successful business leaders in the world. My father was also a pillar of the community. On December 15, 2019, at the Ahavas Torah Center’s celebration of 8 Years of Torah and Community Growth Gala, they presented my father with a lifetime achievement award for his work in the Jewish community. I was honored to be able to accept this award for my father’s work.

Speaking of surrounding yourself with influential people, who are other businessmen who have inspired you?

Someone who really inspired me is Barry Halper, owner of a small percentage of the New York Yankees. His advice was invaluable when I started my company. Banker, Edmond Safra also inspired and helped me a lot.

Why did you choose the distribution industry?

I once said that janitorial supplies are not sexy items, but it’s big business. I think I always had the mentality of selling people products they needed. I started my first company at age 18 out of my parents’ basement. When I first started, I sold paper cups, napkins, and plates door to door in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I recognize it wasn’t a sexy business, but it was a business. It provided me a platform to create a business.

What are some plans for the future you’re excited about? 

I am a big hockey fan, especially a Vegag Golden Knight fan, so I decided to merge two of my passions. We just announced a partnership with the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team. The partnership consists of the naming rights to their new arena in Henderson, Nevada. Lifeguard Arena will be our next significant partnership. The arena is on schedule to open later this year.

Aside from supporting agencies that hire people with disabilities, Steven Odzer also support causes such as both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the AHRC, and Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps Jewish immigrants from Russia integrate to life in the U.S. When he’s not working on his business, he enjoys spending his free time with his seven children and ten grandchildren.