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Navigating Work-Life Balance: Identifying Key Priorities for a Fulfilling Life

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving a harmonious work-life balance is more challenging than ever before. Juggling professional responsibilities with personal well-being can often feel like a never-ending struggle. To find equilibrium, it’s essential to identify key priorities that help you lead a fulfilling life. In this article, we will explore the steps to pinpoint these priorities and make informed decisions that enhance your work-life balance.

Understanding the Work-Life Balance Conundrum

Work-life balance is a multifaceted concept that encompasses the distribution of time and energy between one’s professional and personal life. Achieving this balance is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it varies from person to person and can evolve over time. The first step towards identifying key priorities in work-life balance issues is to understand your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Assessing Your Values and Goals

To identify key priorities, start with self-reflection. What are your core values and long-term goals? What truly matters to you in life? Is it spending more time with your family, pursuing personal hobbies, or advancing your career? Reflecting on these questions can help you determine what you want to prioritize.

Set clear, specific goals that align with your values. For example, if family is a top priority, a goal might be to spend at least three evenings a week with your loved ones. By having concrete goals, you can measure your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Analyzing Your Work-Life Balance

Take an honest look at your current work-life balance. How do you spend your time each day, week, and month? Create a visual representation of your typical schedule to identify trends and areas that need attention. Use tools like time-tracking apps or simple pen-and-paper methods to track your activities.

Assess your work commitments, personal obligations, and leisure activities. Are there tasks or responsibilities that can be delegated or eliminated? Identifying time wasters or energy-draining activities is crucial in creating space for your priorities.

Establishing Clear Limits

One of the fundamental principles of achieving a healthy work-life balance is setting boundaries. Clearly define when work begins and ends, and stick to those limits. Inform your colleagues and supervisors about your boundaries to ensure they respect your personal time.

In your personal life, establish boundaries that safeguard your well-being. This may include allocating time for self-care, pursuing hobbies, or spending quality time with loved ones. Boundaries provide structure and prevent work from encroaching on your personal life.

Taking Care of Your Well-Being

Prioritizing self-care is non-negotiable when identifying key priorities in your work-life balance. Self-care encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make time for activities that rejuvenate your mind and body, such as regular exercise, meditation, or reading.

Nurturing your emotional health is equally important. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist if needed. Emotional well-being is the foundation upon which a balanced life is built.

Mastering the Art of Declining

Saying no is a powerful skill when it comes to work-life balance. Often, we feel obligated to say yes to every request, whether at work or in our personal lives. However, learning to say no when a commitment doesn’t align with your priorities is crucial.

When faced with a new opportunity or request, evaluate whether it contributes to your goals and values. If it doesn’t, politely decline or negotiate a more manageable solution. Saying no frees up time and energy for the things that truly matter.

Collaborating and Delegating Responsibilities

You don’t have to navigate the work-life balance journey alone. Seek support from your colleagues, friends, and family. In the workplace, delegate tasks when possible and collaborate with team members to lighten the load.

At home, share responsibilities with your family members. Household chores and childcare can be distributed among all members to ensure that everyone contributes and enjoys a better work-life balance.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Your priorities and circumstances will evolve over time. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly reassess your work-life balance. Periodically review your goals, boundaries, and commitments to ensure they remain aligned with your values.

Be flexible and adaptable in your approach. Life is dynamic, and being open to adjustments when necessary allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance as circumstances change.

In the quest for a fulfilling work-life balance, identifying key priorities is a pivotal step. By engaging in self-reflection, setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, learning to say no, seeking support, and regularly reassessing your situation, you can navigate the complexities of modern life with greater ease. Remember that work-life balance is a dynamic journey, and your priorities may shift over time. By consistently evaluating and adjusting your approach, you can achieve a more harmonious and fulfilling life that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Challenges_Benefits of Building a Business

The Rewards of Entrepreneurship: Serial Business Owner/Entrepreneur Steven Odzer Examines the Challenges/Benefits of Building a Business

Steven Odzer of New York has practice entrepreneurship for years and knows how hard it is to succeed in this field. However, he truly believes that it is one of the most rewarding and engaging career paths imaginable. He recently discussed why entrepreneurship is so beneficial and discussed the types of individuals who can succeed in this field where others have failed.


Reasons Why Steven Odzer Loves Entrepreneurship

First of all, Steven Odzer of New York says he does not want to give the impression that being an entrepreneur is easy. The truth is that this calling is one of the most challenging career paths a person can take! Mastering the unique sense of personal drive, ambition, intelligent financial understanding, and an innate sense of the business world is something that Steven Odzer says doesn’t come easily.


However, those who can master this career are in for an exciting life. Steven Odzer finds that entrepreneurs are often on the cutting-edge of society, picking trends, investing in them, changing the path of community, and taking the time to understand ways to make the world a better place fully. Over the years, Steven Odzer has seen entrepreneurs succeed and make the world much better.


And an entrepreneur will have a sense of independence and ambition that is unique in the marketplace. Steven Odzer compares them to the cowboys or the modern world’s astronauts – they are truly independent in their worldview and carve out new paths for everyone to follow. However, he also believes that not everybody is cut out for this type of career path.


Who Makes a Good Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur is a person who wakes up before everyone else and goes to bed after everyone else is long asleep. Steven Odzer has been there many times. And a good entrepreneur has a comprehensive vision of the world, someone who knows how to weather the career field’s ups and downs. Steven Odzer knows that every storm has an eye, and every failure is paired with success.


Real entrepreneurs are those individuals who create million-dollar companies but couch surf at their friends’ houses because they have invested everything in their company. Steven Odzer finds that people who want quick cash are not profitable entrepreneurs because they aren’t willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary for success in this career path.


Lastly, Steven Odzer of New York believes that a good entrepreneur truly wants to make the world a better place. You cannot get into this field just to make money – though your chances of financial success are tremendous – he says. Instead, Steven Odzer emphasizes a genuine drive to improve the world, one that will potentially etch your name in the great field of essential people.

the Rewards of Business Ownership

Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY On the Rewards of Business Ownership

Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY believes in American business and business ownership. Over the years, he has owned many companies and helped others startup careers of their own. And he fully believes that this pathway is one of the most joyous, exciting, and prosperous ways to achieve success in America.


Why Steven Odzer Believes In Business Ownership

Although the spread of Covid-19 has impacted many business owners, Steven Odzer believes that this career pathway is still one of the best people can take. There are a handful of reasons for his enthusiasm. First of all, as a business owner, Steven Odzer has found that his life has never been more independent and in his control, a factor that many people likely consider when opening a business.


First of all, Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY wants to emphasize that you are free to do what you want, pursue any business you desire, and find a way to make it successful. This factor is one that makes business ownership so alluring. You don’t answer to anybody but yourself – and Steven Odzer finds that most people who own a business find it nearly impossible to go back to the regular work-a-day routine.


When talking to people who own businesses, Steven Odzer finds that over half of them claim that they started a company to be their own boss. Most of the rest of these owners started up a company to reap more financial success. Tired of working hard to see others succeed, Steven Odzer and others like him start businesses to take control of their financial destiny.


Before starting a business, most people make around 1-5 percent of what a company earns. So if a business makes $5,000,000 per year, they can expect to make just $50,000 or so of that. However, when you own a business, you will get closer to that total of $5,000,000. Of course, Steven Odzer emphasizes that you have to pay expenses, such as insurance, rent, and employee wages out of this money.


However, if you consider that about 25 percent of your income will be expenses, another 10-25 percent taxed, and a further 10 percent being used for other costs, you’re still making much more than you would as an employee. This financial gain is something Steven Odzer of New York heavily emphasizes to those on the fence about business ownership – overcoming financial limitations is possible in this way.


Of course, Steven Odzer knows that many businesses do fail through no fault of their own. And this is a risk that all companies take. However, Steven Odzer believes that the benefits are more than worth it. Being able to say that you took a chance, tried something unique, and failed is still engaging and worthwhile. Even if your business isn’t immediately successful, you may still find success later through sustained growth.

Sanitation Supplies to Fight COVID-19

Steven Odzer and Offering Sanitation Supplies to Fight COVID-19

Dynamic Sanitation Supplies to Help People Combat COVID-19


Steven Odzer of New York and are producing and distributing sanitation supplies to fight COVID-19. is meeting the demand for hand sanitizer, multi-purpose wipes and medical masks amid shortages in the U.S.


Lifeguard branded sanitation products are being distributed in Nevada and in other states helping to save lives for generations. Lifeguard hand sanitizer is available in 8 oz. bottles that come 48 bottles to a case, and in 16 oz. bottles that come 24 bottles to a case. This simple, yet efficient tool prevents the spread of germs and is effective at stifling COVID-19. Steven Odzer notes that hand sanitizer is critical for businesses and governmental agencies to mitigate risk.


The hand sanitizer products are vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. They also have a shelf life of approximately two years, allowing customers to stock up for the long run. For those needing large containers of hand sanitizer, there are 1-gallon bottles available that come 4 gallons per case. Steven Odzer of New York and make it easier to get the right amount of sanitation products for clients big and small. Special offers are available where clients can purchase packages of sanitizer and wipes for an affordable price.


Lifeguard multi-purpose alcohol wipes are antibacterial and made with plant-based alcohol, which is ideal from a sustainability perspective and for the fight against COVID-19. There are 50 wipes per pack, and they are 50 percent alcohol. There is also aloe extract to make the wipes easier on the skin. Steven Odzer offers the multi-purpose wipes in 36 count cases. This makes it easy for businesses or other organizations to get all of the supplies they need when they need them the most.


The Lifeguard brand is respected and trustworthy. It is the Official Janitorial & Restaurant Supplies Partner of the Vegas Golden Knights. Reliability is critical when selecting sanitation and PPE supplies, and earns it positive feedback through exceptional products and service. Other PPE supplies, such as masks, are also available.


Steven Odzer of New York is an entrepreneur and businessman with expertise in distribution and sanitation. As the founder of, he works with the local community to provide effective sanitation products to help businesses stay open and keep people safe. Steven Odzer is a graduate of Brooklyn College and has been in the distribution business for over 30 years.

Honors Lifeguard: Saving Lives for Generations

Steven Odzer Honors Lifeguard: Saving Lives for Generations

Steven Odzer is a lifelong supporter of hockey, particularly the Vegas Golden Knights. This team has provided him with many years of excitement, and he has watched their progress with fascination. For instance, when they paired up with Lifeguard Industrial and Home Supplies, he quickly came out as a support of this company, as they have helped save many lives over the years with their products.


Why Steven Odzer is Honoring Lifeguard

Lifeguard Arena is the Vegas Golden Knights home, a renowned hockey team that provides Steven Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY and other residents with exciting and fast-paced action. This name was chosen in late 2019 when the Lifeguard Industrial and Home Supplies provided funds to open the arena, a step that Steven Odzer believed was an excellent choice for the community.


Lifeguard produces many various cleaning supplies and much more for schools, businesses, arenas, and many other area companies. Steven Odzer notes that these supplies have been crucial for protecting many people’s lives over the years. This beneficial nature is just one reason why Steven Odzer has come out so strongly in support of this company over the years.


Cleaning supplies and sanitation tools are critical for protecting the health and welfare of those in businesses, Steven Odzer says because these supplies help to keep an office environment sanitary. Without a steady supply of these supplies, there is a good chance that fungus, bacteria, mold, and other dangerous elements could rapidly spread through a business and cause a devastating health impact.


For instance, those with mold allergies could suffer from severe reactions, Steven Odzer says, and end up struggling to breathe easily. Even worse, there’s a good chance that dirty floors could cause a slip and fall risk. Though it may seem funny in the movies, Steven Odzer knows that slipping and falling can be a potentially deadly situation for those who are not in great shape physically.


However, Steven Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY also supports Lifeguard Industrial and Home Supplies due to their many safety products, items designed to help keep people safe in businesses. For instance, they provide various fire alarms, alerts for carbon monoxide, and much more. Steven Odzer believes that such devices are critical for protecting anybody’s health and well-being in a business.


By pairing with this company, Steven Odzer believes that the Vegas Golden Knights show their dedication to safety in challenging times. And this company, which provides such strong products for the community, has also done its part to create a great arena and give the Golden Knights the support they need to succeed as much as possible, providing excellent sporting entertainment.

Why Remaining Politically Active is Important for Young People

Steven Odzer Explains Why Remaining Politically Active is Important for Young People

Steven Odzer of New York is an individual who believes in political activism. He is a businessman who has never shied away from giving his opinion on matters whenever it matters the most. Steven Odzer has been politically active since he was young but has noticed that today’s generation of adolescents does not concern themselves with politics. Whether there is a disconnect in politics or if there are more distractions than ever, this is very concerning for someone such as Steven Odzer. This is why Steven Odzer is here to explain the importance of remaining politically active whenever you are young to make a difference in the world in the short-term and the long-term.


One of the biggest problems that face politics is apathy. Steven Odzer explains that many young people feel like their voice or votes do not matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is an exploitative nature of politicians who find ways to make younger people feel like what they do is inconsequential and thus there is no opposition to what they do. Steven Odzer encourages young people to educate themselves on the matters of the world and keep themselves involved. Apathy only gives power to those who are abusing power.


Remaining politically active is how social reforms are made. Not even a hundred years ago, African Americans in the United States were persecuted for just existing. The 1960s was a time of painful reform for America. Many people misunderstood their black neighbors and turned to hate as this type of behavior was prevalent in the south during that time. However, social reforms have helped African Americans become equal members of society. They can now hold office, vote, own property, and more thanks to the political activities that fought against the system that oppressed this group of people.


Steven Odzer of New York says that the biggest warning sign that the younger generations have shown is that they would rather be distracted by their computer screens and not face what is happening outside their doors. Fortunately, there is always a chance to change the future and the present moment by standing up for what is right. It is important for young people to cultivate an understanding of politics, how it affects them, and most importantly how it affects their less-fortune neighbors. With enough empathy and compassion change can be made around the world of young people who put their minds toward changing things for the greater good.

Steven Odzer Recommends Generosity as New Year's Resolution

Steven Odzer Recommends Generosity as New Year’s Resolution

Steven Odzer, CEO of, is a strong proponent of generosity.


Steven Odzer believes that generosity is part of what it means to be an enlightened person. Being aware of the struggles of others helps people move forward with their own goals. When you help others, you also help yourself, says Odzer.


Steven Odzer on the Health Benefits of Generosity

Generosity reduces stress and gives people a sense of purpose, and it also boosts the immune system, according to Psychology Today. Let’s take a closer look at what makes generosity vital to health and happiness. First, generosity isn’t always about donating money. there are many selfless people who give their time and energy to a cause they believe in. Like having good genes, getting plenty of exercise, and eating healthy, being generous may increase your lifespan.


Steven Odzer’s Investment in Higher Education

Steven Odzer believes that education is one of the most valuable resources we can pass on to young people. He has dedicated resources to a scholarship fund to help students attend college or university. Odzer believes that students need higher education to give them an opportunity for a successful career.


In college, students can pursue their passions as well as develop skills and knowledge that make them valuable in the workforce, says Steven Odzer. More importantly, he believes that students need this time to discover who they are and explore different options before determining what they will do for the rest of their lives.


Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund, 20 U.S. college students receive $1,000 each to pursue the degree of their choice. Students will need proof of acceptance into a college program in order to successfully complete the scholarship application. Candidates will also submit a 500-word essay on the biggest problem facing today’s world.


Steven Odzer Loves Giving Back to the Next Generation

Odzer believes that generosity is vital to health and happiness for both the giver and the receiver. It’s important to recognize that other people might need a helping hand in order to rise above their current circumstances. College is one of the great ways that people can advance and make more of their lives. That is one of many reasons that Steven Odzer created his scholarship fund.


Another benefit that we get from generosity is what it does to our self-awareness. When focusing on others, people look outside themselves to the needs of the wider society. This lens is crucial when it comes to creating a just and generous society.

Steven Odzer Partners with Rabbi for COVID Relief Efforts

Steven Odzer Partners with Rabbi for COVID Relief Efforts

This is the season for giving, and Steven Odzer urges people of all faiths and belief systems to show each other generosity and kindness. 


Charitable organizations see a spike in donations around the holidays. People are in the giving mood as their attention turns to giving gifts to those they love. Steven Odzer urges donors to follow their hearts and to remember COVID-19 related needs this year. Many people are out of work and will not have the funds to donate, but there are other ways to help out.


Donate Blood to Help Save Lives, Steven Odzer Suggests


As Steven Odzer points out, generosity doesn’t always mean giving money. Ohio’s first COVID-19 survivor to give his plasma for studies to prevent the disease was Jewish, a Chabad rabbi’s son. Blood banks have recently increased drives to cover COVID-related shortages. Odzer encourages people of all faiths to donate blood and plasma. Donating blood is one of the most selfless things that a person can do, and it’s much needed in these uncertain times.


Steven Odzer Urges Others to Give Where They Can


In cooperation with Rabbi Eitan Rubin, Steven Odzer, who distributes janitorial supplies, helped raise money to donate sanitizer and personal protective equipment to those in need. To start the project off, Odzer kicked it off with a $100,000 donation.


Small businesses and corporations alike are struggling with downturns related to the pandemic. Steven Odzer urges families to give to their favorite causes to make up the difference. Some individuals are asking friends and relatives to give to their favorite charity instead of buying them gifts. No one should feel deprived but following your heart in these uncertain times may be the best gift you give yourself this year, Steven Odzer said.


Wondering Where to Donate? Steven Odzer Offers Suggestions


If you belong to a church, synagogue or other religious organization, you can check in with church leaders on where your donations could do the most good, Steven Odzer suggests.


“Give tzedakah (charity) to the needy, Torah schools, Jewish institutions, and/or humanitarian causes. A family member who is in difficult financial straits takes precedence over non-family. Likewise, local poor and charitable organizations take precedence over their faraway counterparts. And charitable causes in Israel take precedence over (non-local) charities in the Diaspora,” according to


You can also offer to tutor students studying from home. Not all subjects translate well to digit formats and some students could be left behind in the ongoing crisis, says Steven Odzer.

Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

Coronavirus is back, and this time it’s hitting with a vengeance. As we go into the winter of 2020 all the predictions are coming true about how the cold season combined with COVID-19 is triggering some of the worst caseload expected without a cure. Steven Odzer, like everyone else, is living through this pandemic of the modern century and wants all of us to do something about it. He’s leading by example.


Stepping Out in Front, It’s What Steven Odzer Always Does


Back in earlier 2020, Steven Odzer led the way by taking $100,000 of his own funds and purchasing invaluable personal protective equipment for the very frontline health workers, nurses, and doctors helping all of us and working tirelessly around the clock in the New York City hospitals.


Odzer blazed a simple but effective path for philanthropists to do something about COVID, kickstarting the way for action against COVID-19 with a financial approach. Steven Odzer coordinated with and used his own experience and networking in logistics to expedite the transport and delivery of critical PPE gear. When he saw doctors and nurses literally telling reporters and social media how they had been using the same masks and materials for weeks on end to stretch limited supplies, Steven Odzer thought it was ridiculous in a country so powerful and rich. Yet literally, the most modern medical system in the world couldn’t keep it’s own medical experts protected.


Steven Odzer Encourages Everyone to do Something


With any virus outbreak, PPE gear is absolutely essential, especially for those directly dealing with patients who are already infected. If experienced and trained medical responders were falling in large numbers, who was going to be left when numbers hit the hospitals with bigger waves in the winter? It was a simple case of necessity; Steven Odzer didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize what was collapsing and how fragile the modern care system actually was turning out to be.


Can other philanthropists still help? Absolutely. Steven Odzer will be the first to point out that things are far from over. Many like him reach out every day and quietly work to avert disasters, knowing full well they have the ability to influence more than the average person. It’s a responsibility people like Steven Odzer are willing to take on, providing help when it is most needed. COVID won’t go away with more masks, but by helping medical responders stay healthy and stop becoming statistics as well, it can help all of us get to a time when a vaccine finally become available. Steven Odzer doesn’t want to read the obituary of another doctor or nurse in 2020. Neither should anyone else with the means to help.

Steven Odzer Discusses The Importance of Sports Amid The Pandemic

 Steven Odzer is happy to see sports come back after a long break due to the pandemic. He is an avid fan of the Las Vegas Knights and has been a sports fan all his life. As the country begins to recover, sports will provide a distraction that will help unify the American people. 

Why Steven Odzer Thinks Sports Can Uplift People During the Pandemic 

According to Forbes Magazine, sports provide outlets for people stuck at home, with stores being closed. He couldn’t agree more. Sports help people rise above the everyday problems in life to something higher. Steven Odzer says that’s a welcome relief in the midst of the coronavirus. 

NBA champion Pau Gasol said that he and other athletes act as role models. Kids emulate sports stars and try to follow in their footsteps. Although organized sports are partly under wraps due to the virus, teams are finding ways to stay safe while competing. Steven Odzer applauds the perseverance of athletes from elementary school to professional sports personalities. 

Steven Odzer

Sports During the Coronavirus | Steven Odzer 

After the coronavirus became an official pandemic per the World Health Organization (WHO) in March, officials reacted swiftly to the rising infection rates, which unfortunately included some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. Several members of one team would contract the disease in a single game. 

Steven Odzer was as disappointed as other fans when the NHL shut down, grounding the Las Vegas Knights and other professional hockey franchises. He believes that the virus taught the world how to look out for other people. By wearing protective gear and following social distancing rules, every citizen became part of the solution. Steven Odzer applauded the teams that followed suit. 

The Flattening Curve Brought Back Sports Steven Odzer 

Steven Odzer says that the precaution of citizens, athletes, and the whole world brought about sports’ resurrection. The shutdown began when Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert came down with the virus. Now, the MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL have resumed their seasons, finishing curtailed playoffs and championships in empty stadiums, arenas, and pitches. 

Steven Odzer notes that the impact of coronavirus continues. For example, the 2020 Olympics will now take place next summer, and Europe has also suspended soccer play in response to COVID-19. 

It’s hard to predict where the coronavirus will strike next. Focused research could accelerate the discovery of a more effective treatment or a vaccine. Steven Odzer felt encouraged by the precautions taken to protect players and fans and looks forward to a, hopefully, normalization of schedules in 2021-22 seasons.