Steven Odzer
Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

Coronavirus is back, and this time it’s hitting with a vengeance. As we go into the winter of 2020 all the predictions are coming true about how the cold season combined with COVID-19 is triggering some of the worst caseload expected without a cure. Steven Odzer, like everyone else, is living through this pandemic of the modern century and wants all of us to do something about it. He’s leading by example.


Stepping Out in Front, It’s What Steven Odzer Always Does


Back in earlier 2020, Steven Odzer led the way by taking $100,000 of his own funds and purchasing invaluable personal protective equipment for the very frontline health workers, nurses, and doctors helping all of us and working tirelessly around the clock in the New York City hospitals.


Odzer blazed a simple but effective path for philanthropists to do something about COVID, kickstarting the way for action against COVID-19 with a financial approach. Steven Odzer coordinated with and used his own experience and networking in logistics to expedite the transport and delivery of critical PPE gear. When he saw doctors and nurses literally telling reporters and social media how they had been using the same masks and materials for weeks on end to stretch limited supplies, Steven Odzer thought it was ridiculous in a country so powerful and rich. Yet literally, the most modern medical system in the world couldn’t keep it’s own medical experts protected.


Steven Odzer Encourages Everyone to do Something


With any virus outbreak, PPE gear is absolutely essential, especially for those directly dealing with patients who are already infected. If experienced and trained medical responders were falling in large numbers, who was going to be left when numbers hit the hospitals with bigger waves in the winter? It was a simple case of necessity; Steven Odzer didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize what was collapsing and how fragile the modern care system actually was turning out to be.


Can other philanthropists still help? Absolutely. Steven Odzer will be the first to point out that things are far from over. Many like him reach out every day and quietly work to avert disasters, knowing full well they have the ability to influence more than the average person. It’s a responsibility people like Steven Odzer are willing to take on, providing help when it is most needed. COVID won’t go away with more masks, but by helping medical responders stay healthy and stop becoming statistics as well, it can help all of us get to a time when a vaccine finally become available. Steven Odzer doesn’t want to read the obituary of another doctor or nurse in 2020. Neither should anyone else with the means to help.