Steven Odzer

Balancing It All: Business Phenom Steven Odzer Explains How To Balance Family Time And Corporate Life

How Renowned Businessman Steven Odzer Manages To Have It All

Steven Odzer is known for many things: his commitment to charity, his admirable business acumen, his commitment to supporting immigrants, but most of all, for being a man who puts family first. It can be hard to rise to the top in business like Steven Odzer, while still maintaining a rich and vibrant family life. Steven Odzer has managed to do exactly that, and he’s sharing his tips to help others do the same.

Steven Odzer recommends striving for a balance between work and home life, but remembering that it doesn’t necessarily need to be 50/50 all the time. It’s natural for some weeks to have more time spent focusing on family, and other times focusing more on work.

Steven OdzerSteven Odzer recommends being honest with both your company and your family when the other needs to take priority. Communication is key. When you have an especially busy week at work, Steven Odzer recommends talking with your family to let them know what’s going on. It may be helpful to schedule in some time with them after things calm down at work. Simply knowing that you have time to connect on the horizon can make the busy times at work easier to handle. At the office, letting your employees know when you have a family event well ahead of time can be helpful. Steven Odzer says that this can give your employees the push that they need to get work that needs your approval out of the way early, which can help ensure that you get out of the office on time.

It’s also key to ensure that the time you get with your family is high quality, according to Steven Odzer. When you get the chance to spend time with your family, put your phone away, and make it clear that your focus is on the people you love. It’s easy to waste family time constantly checking email, or stepping out to take work calls. While this can be a necessity sometimes, do the best that you can to set your work aside when you’re connecting with your family members.

Steven Odzer also recommends being honest with your family if you’ve put them on the back burner for work in the past. Let them know that you’re working hard to provide them with the life they deserve, but that you’re also ready to make some changes so that you have more time together.