Steven Odzer
Steven Odzer Recommends Generosity as New Year's Resolution

Steven Odzer Recommends Generosity as New Year’s Resolution

Steven Odzer, CEO of, is a strong proponent of generosity.


Steven Odzer believes that generosity is part of what it means to be an enlightened person. Being aware of the struggles of others helps people move forward with their own goals. When you help others, you also help yourself, says Odzer.


Steven Odzer on the Health Benefits of Generosity

Generosity reduces stress and gives people a sense of purpose, and it also boosts the immune system, according to Psychology Today. Let’s take a closer look at what makes generosity vital to health and happiness. First, generosity isn’t always about donating money. there are many selfless people who give their time and energy to a cause they believe in. Like having good genes, getting plenty of exercise, and eating healthy, being generous may increase your lifespan.


Steven Odzer’s Investment in Higher Education

Steven Odzer believes that education is one of the most valuable resources we can pass on to young people. He has dedicated resources to a scholarship fund to help students attend college or university. Odzer believes that students need higher education to give them an opportunity for a successful career.


In college, students can pursue their passions as well as develop skills and knowledge that make them valuable in the workforce, says Steven Odzer. More importantly, he believes that students need this time to discover who they are and explore different options before determining what they will do for the rest of their lives.


Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund, 20 U.S. college students receive $1,000 each to pursue the degree of their choice. Students will need proof of acceptance into a college program in order to successfully complete the scholarship application. Candidates will also submit a 500-word essay on the biggest problem facing today’s world.


Steven Odzer Loves Giving Back to the Next Generation

Odzer believes that generosity is vital to health and happiness for both the giver and the receiver. It’s important to recognize that other people might need a helping hand in order to rise above their current circumstances. College is one of the great ways that people can advance and make more of their lives. That is one of many reasons that Steven Odzer created his scholarship fund.


Another benefit that we get from generosity is what it does to our self-awareness. When focusing on others, people look outside themselves to the needs of the wider society. This lens is crucial when it comes to creating a just and generous society.