Steven Odzer
Steven Odzer Partners with Rabbi for COVID Relief Efforts

Steven Odzer Partners with Rabbi for COVID Relief Efforts

This is the season for giving, and Steven Odzer urges people of all faiths and belief systems to show each other generosity and kindness. 


Charitable organizations see a spike in donations around the holidays. People are in the giving mood as their attention turns to giving gifts to those they love. Steven Odzer urges donors to follow their hearts and to remember COVID-19 related needs this year. Many people are out of work and will not have the funds to donate, but there are other ways to help out.


Donate Blood to Help Save Lives, Steven Odzer Suggests


As Steven Odzer points out, generosity doesn’t always mean giving money. Ohio’s first COVID-19 survivor to give his plasma for studies to prevent the disease was Jewish, a Chabad rabbi’s son. Blood banks have recently increased drives to cover COVID-related shortages. Odzer encourages people of all faiths to donate blood and plasma. Donating blood is one of the most selfless things that a person can do, and it’s much needed in these uncertain times.


Steven Odzer Urges Others to Give Where They Can


In cooperation with Rabbi Eitan Rubin, Steven Odzer, who distributes janitorial supplies, helped raise money to donate sanitizer and personal protective equipment to those in need. To start the project off, Odzer kicked it off with a $100,000 donation.


Small businesses and corporations alike are struggling with downturns related to the pandemic. Steven Odzer urges families to give to their favorite causes to make up the difference. Some individuals are asking friends and relatives to give to their favorite charity instead of buying them gifts. No one should feel deprived but following your heart in these uncertain times may be the best gift you give yourself this year, Steven Odzer said.


Wondering Where to Donate? Steven Odzer Offers Suggestions


If you belong to a church, synagogue or other religious organization, you can check in with church leaders on where your donations could do the most good, Steven Odzer suggests.


“Give tzedakah (charity) to the needy, Torah schools, Jewish institutions, and/or humanitarian causes. A family member who is in difficult financial straits takes precedence over non-family. Likewise, local poor and charitable organizations take precedence over their faraway counterparts. And charitable causes in Israel take precedence over (non-local) charities in the Diaspora,” according to


You can also offer to tutor students studying from home. Not all subjects translate well to digit formats and some students could be left behind in the ongoing crisis, says Steven Odzer.