Steven Odzer
Honors Lifeguard: Saving Lives for Generations

Steven Odzer Honors Lifeguard: Saving Lives for Generations

Steven Odzer is a lifelong supporter of hockey, particularly the Vegas Golden Knights. This team has provided him with many years of excitement, and he has watched their progress with fascination. For instance, when they paired up with Lifeguard Industrial and Home Supplies, he quickly came out as a support of this company, as they have helped save many lives over the years with their products.


Why Steven Odzer is Honoring Lifeguard

Lifeguard Arena is the Vegas Golden Knights home, a renowned hockey team that provides Steven Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY and other residents with exciting and fast-paced action. This name was chosen in late 2019 when the Lifeguard Industrial and Home Supplies provided funds to open the arena, a step that Steven Odzer believed was an excellent choice for the community.


Lifeguard produces many various cleaning supplies and much more for schools, businesses, arenas, and many other area companies. Steven Odzer notes that these supplies have been crucial for protecting many people’s lives over the years. This beneficial nature is just one reason why Steven Odzer has come out so strongly in support of this company over the years.


Cleaning supplies and sanitation tools are critical for protecting the health and welfare of those in businesses, Steven Odzer says because these supplies help to keep an office environment sanitary. Without a steady supply of these supplies, there is a good chance that fungus, bacteria, mold, and other dangerous elements could rapidly spread through a business and cause a devastating health impact.


For instance, those with mold allergies could suffer from severe reactions, Steven Odzer says, and end up struggling to breathe easily. Even worse, there’s a good chance that dirty floors could cause a slip and fall risk. Though it may seem funny in the movies, Steven Odzer knows that slipping and falling can be a potentially deadly situation for those who are not in great shape physically.


However, Steven Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY also supports Lifeguard Industrial and Home Supplies due to their many safety products, items designed to help keep people safe in businesses. For instance, they provide various fire alarms, alerts for carbon monoxide, and much more. Steven Odzer believes that such devices are critical for protecting anybody’s health and well-being in a business.


By pairing with this company, Steven Odzer believes that the Vegas Golden Knights show their dedication to safety in challenging times. And this company, which provides such strong products for the community, has also done its part to create a great arena and give the Golden Knights the support they need to succeed as much as possible, providing excellent sporting entertainment.