Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer on the Importance of Making Family a Priority While Growing Your Business

Although Steven Odzer is a successful businessman, he knows that success in only one area of your life leaves a lot to be desired. Many people have found great success in business, but their families have suffered because of it. In the end, what do they have?

It is essential to make his family a priority along the way, or you wake up one day, and all the money in the world means nothing. Achieving this balance is not always an easy thing to do, but it is well worth the effort. Steven Odzer says it takes vigilance and reminding yourself of what makes life worth living.

Steven Odzer (5)Steven Odzor says he had a great example in his late father, Yehoshua BenTzvi Hakohain Odzer. His father was always supportive of his son and a great role model. He was so proud of his son when at 18, Steven started a business in their basement and worked hard to make it a success.

Steven Odzor and his wife have seven children and nine grandchildren. They are a large close family, but they also are very involved with their extended family in Israel. Unfortunately, this was never more evident than when Hamas kidnapped Steven’s cousin, Nachshon Wachsman, and after a failed rescue attempt by the Israeli Military, was murdered. What a terrible time for the whole family, changing Steven Odzer’s life forever.

Steven Odzer says there are many ways in which to have a close family, even if you are busy building businesses and being involved in philanthropy work.

First, your children must always know that you love them and have their best interests at heart. Steven Odzer believes our full attention is often the best gift you can give them. Many times, just being willing to listen wholly is all they want.

Steven Odzer says as parents; we are often too quick to try to figure out a child’s problems without getting all the facts, just trying to hurry things along. The art of listening is so important when dealing with family or business.

Steven Odzer believes we must teach our children the essential things in life. Many times, we teach by example, which means more than the things we say. Children do not want perfect parents, but it is vital to be the type of person they respect. His father was this example for him, and he has tried to be the same for his children and grandchildren.

Steven Odzer says, “success to me is building a legacy for my family, as my father did for me.”