Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer Answers the Question: Is It Wise to Start a New Business During Covid-19?

Steven Odzer has turned small startups into significant successes over the years and has the kind of experience that makes him an expert on many elements of the marketplace. For example, he recently discussed why new businesses are a great idea during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The New Business World Needs Startups, Steven Odzer Says 

With over 30 years of success behind his belt, Steven Odzer feels confident that he knows how to predict changes in the market and the different ways people can react to them and succeed. And he believes that starting a new business during the Covid-19 pandemic is a great idea. There are a few reasons why he believes that now might be the time for many to strike while the iron is hot. 

First of all, Steven Odzer has seen a large number of small businesses fail because they were not prepared for the changes brought on by Covid-19. These companies did not have the proper nest egg or emergency situation set up, he says, and suffered for it. And this loss of business is tragic, he says, because many of these companies were very promising and beneficial for their community.

However, Steven Odzer also believes that canny and intelligent young business people can step in and fill the void left behind by these business failures. The route to success is there – the market hasn’t dried up and people still need to do business. However, Steven Odzer believes that the types of startups that are going to be successful in this new marketplace are pretty specific and may be surprising to many.

Where to Invest in This New Market 

Covid-29 has changed the world in many ways and created a perfect backdrop for startups that are willing to step in and take up the slack. Steven Odzer sees this period as the ideal time for new businesses because they can do what their predecessors did not. By paying attention to the dangers of Covid-19 and creating a plan based on this pandemic, new companies can become highly successful, Steven Odzer states. 

First of all, the home improvement market seems to be on the rise, as more and more people are trying to learn how to live at home and take care of themselves. Steven Odzer believes that companies that can provide for this need are going to succeed. Companies that focus on this “at home” living can capture the public’s imagination, Steven Odzer states. 

Beyond that, Steven Odzer believes that startups that focus on working from home will also succeed. The “gig” economy will see the end of significant offices, he predicts, as more and more companies move to stay-at-home work. And businesses that follow this trend early will be more likely to succeed, Steven Odzer believes.