Steven Odzer

About Steven Odzer: A Visionary CEO

Steven Odzer serves as the CEO of YBT Industries, a distinguished company based in Cedarhurst, New York. With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years in the fields of distribution and shipping, he stands as a seasoned professional in his industry. His role as CEO is marked by an unwavering commitment to efficient strategy, active mentoring, fostering a vibrant company culture, and a steadfast dedication to continuous learning to enhance performance and drive profitability.

A Family-Centered Leader

Beyond the corporate realm, Odzer is a loving father to 7 children and a proud grandfather to 9 grandchildren. These familial roles have instilled in him the virtues of patience and compassion, qualities that seamlessly blend into his professional life. His family-oriented perspective influences his business decisions, underscoring the importance of community engagement and his firm belief in providing opportunities to individuals with disabilities, thereby enabling them to attain independence and confidence.

Steven Odzer: Business Strategy

Steven recognizes the pivotal role of a well-crafted business strategy. He understands the challenges that new CEOs face when stepping into their leadership roles. Rather than rushing into complex tasks, he advocates for a systematic approach. His strategy begins with clarity on top priorities and careful consideration of available resources, ensuring they align with the company’s goals. He underscores the need for a strategic mindset that propels the company’s progress effectively.

In his wisdom, he shares six crucial business strategy tips for novice CEOs:

Clearly define your vision.
Develop a profound understanding of your competitive advantage.
Identify production targets.
Focus on achieving systematic, straightforward growth.
Maintain a holistic perspective.
Ensure your team remains engaged and content.
He advises newly-appointed CEOs to resist the urge to micromanage and instead embrace their role as conductors of a complex symphony, allowing their team members to master their instruments while overseeing the overall operations.


Mentorship holds a central place in Steven Odzer’s leadership philosophy. He firmly believes that CEOs are not just chief executive officers; they are also the chief mentors within their organizations. He advises CEOs, both seasoned and new, to allocate dedicated time to mentoring their teams. Building strong relationships, sharing goals, providing transparency, and empowering team members with the necessary resources are all integral aspects of his mentoring strategy.

Recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance, encouraging open communication, and conducting productive meetings with a clear agenda are essential elements of his mentoring approach.

Steven Odzer: Developing Company Culture

Stephen Odzer acknowledges that new CEOs often overlook the crucial task of developing company culture amidst their myriad responsibilities. He believes that regardless of the existing cultural landscape, it is within the CEO’s purview to shape and nurture it. He views this as a privilege and a primary responsibility of any CEO.

He recommends several tactics to enhance company culture and foster more cohesive and productive teams:

Celebrate every small win as a collective victory.
Provide all team members access to sales goals and data.
Foster innovation by rewarding innovative ideas and actions.
Champion inclusivity and diversity as integral components of company culture.
Maintain open, honest, transparent, two-way communication with the team.
In his perspective, building and nurturing the right company culture is instrumental in asserting leadership and motivating teams.

Steven Odzer: Encouraging Ceaseless Learning

For Steven Odzer, leadership is about more than having all the answers; it’s about embracing a culture of ceaseless learning. He encourages new CEOs to admit when they don’t know something and to seek input from their teams. In his view, the best leaders are unafraid to say, “I don’t know,” and ask, “What do you think?”

He places immense importance on cultivating a continuous learning mindset within oneself and the entire team. He likens knowledge to an exotic plant that thrives when nourished with fresh information, data, and diverse perspectives. Encouraging this attitude of constant learning within the team ensures collective growth and success.

Steven Odzer’s journey as the CEO of YBT Industries is characterized by a commitment to values, effective leadership, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. His insights on business strategy, mentoring, company culture, and continuous learning serve as a valuable resource for CEOs and aspiring leaders. To delve deeper into his wisdom, visit his website. Always remember that successful leadership involves embracing your team and fostering open communication, as no leader is expected to know everything—teams exist to collaborate and innovate together.