Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer Identifies the Importance of Family During Pandemic

With a Large Family, Many Still in Israel, Steven Odzer Talks About Emphasizing Family During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for people to connect with family. Flights around the globe are canceled. Social distancing prevents people from getting closer than six feet to people outside of their household. This leaves many people talking about family. Steven Odzer, an Israeli who is now in New York, explores the importance of family.

“It’s important to stay in touch with everyone,” Steven Odzer states. He recommends doing this through any means necessary – Skype, email, telephone, and even by writing letters.

Steven Odzer explains that much of his family is still in Israel. It’s not easy to see them on a regular basis. Even if he wanted to hop a plane to see them in person, the pandemic makes it impossible. With seven kids and nine grandkids, he must use technology to maintain communication.

Everyone needs a mental health check-in to ensure that they are doing okay. Since family get-togethers are impossible during the pandemic, many families are out of sync with one another. They’re not getting their normal bonding in.

Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer looks to talk with his family as a way to connect. The human connection is critical, especially during times of high stress. The pandemic has made it harder for families to reach each other. As such, he goes the extra distance to reach out, even with those he doesn’t typically see on a regular basis.

Psychology Today has published a significant amount regarding the ‘meaning of family’ during the pandemic. Steven Odzer explains that families are capable of providing a support system. There are plenty of ways to reach out while still maintaining social distancing. It can be anything from organizing an online call to dropping off groceries on a doorstep to waving while driving by in a car.

By maintaining close contact with families, they can provide the strength and joy needed to get through the pandemic. With so many things changed, it can be easy to fall into depression. Steven Odzer works to make sure that doesn’t happen by reaching out to family near and far on a weekly basis.

Steven Odzer explains that it’s particularly hard on the kids. He sees the frustration within his kids and grandkids because they’re not able to participate in their normal routine. Schools have been canceled. There’s no outlet for socialization. Steven Odzer counts himself as lucky because of having a large family. It allows the kids to grow up with cousins as an extended part of the family.

Since no one knows how long the pandemic and the social distancing is going to last, Steven Odzer urges everyone to find a way to stay connected with family. They’re the lifeline that’s needed to maintain sanity during these times of high anxiety.