Steven Odzer
Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer Shares Exclusive Facts About His Life

Since he started his first business at the age of 18 out of his parent’s basement, Steven Odzer has made a name for himself in the distribution industry. Aside from his current role as CEO of YBT Industries in Henderson, NV, Steven Odzer has over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry. Apart from his success as a businessman, Steven Odzer is a philanthropist, family man, and politically involved in his community.

Steven Odzer Suffered the Loss of a Cousin Which Impacted his Life Forever
Steven Odzer’s cousin, Nachshon Wachsman, a dual citizen of Israel in the United States, grew up in Jerusalem. While he was on leave, at the age of 19, the military instructed him to attend a one-day training in northern Israel. His family expected him home on Sunday night, October 9, 1994, but sadly he never made it back. Hamas militants kidnapped Nachshon Wachsman as he attempted to make his way back home. Although the Israeli military launched a rescue mission, Nachshon Wachsman lost his life.

Steven Odzer Had the Honor of Hearing President Trump Speak at the Economic Club
As a member of the Economic Club of New York, Steven Odzer has had the opportunity to attend the event on November 12, 2019, where President Donald Trump gave a speech. “I’m a strong supporter of the Republican Party and the RJC, so it was an honor to attend the event,” he said. The President discussed issues such as moving production back to the U.S., the trade deal with China, and the current job market.

Steven Odzer Accepted an Award on behalf of his late father, Yehoshua Ben Tzvi Hakohain Odzer
On December 15, 2019, at the Ahavas Torah Center’s celebration of 8 Years of Torah and Community Growth Gala, they presented Seymour Odzer with a lifetime achievement award for his work in the Jewish community. Although the family would have liked for Seymour Odzer to have accepted this award in person, Steven Odzer was honored to receive on behalf of his late father.

Steven Odzer Announced the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program
The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program provided 20 scholarships valued at $1000 each. Eligible candidates had to be enrolled in a college or a university. High school students were also eligible if they have a college acceptance letter. Scholarships for the fall of 2020 have been awarded.

Steven Odzer, Company, BT Supplies Partners with the Vegas Golden Knights
On November 19, 2019, the Chairman and CEO of the Vegas Golden Knights, Billy Foley, announced an exciting new partnership. “As the official supply partner for the Vegas Golden Knights, Lifeguard will name the team’s outstanding new facility, the Lifeguard Arena in Henderson,” said Steven Odzer. The terms of the agreement will change the name of the Vegas Golden Knights Community Arena in Henderson, Nevada, to its new official name, “Lifeguard Arena in Henderson.”

When he’s not chasing after his grandchildren, he’s cheering on the New York Yankees or the Las Vegas Golden Knights.