Steven Odzer
Sanitation Supplies to Fight COVID-19

Steven Odzer and Offering Sanitation Supplies to Fight COVID-19

Dynamic Sanitation Supplies to Help People Combat COVID-19


Steven Odzer of New York and are producing and distributing sanitation supplies to fight COVID-19. is meeting the demand for hand sanitizer, multi-purpose wipes and medical masks amid shortages in the U.S.


Lifeguard branded sanitation products are being distributed in Nevada and in other states helping to save lives for generations. Lifeguard hand sanitizer is available in 8 oz. bottles that come 48 bottles to a case, and in 16 oz. bottles that come 24 bottles to a case. This simple, yet efficient tool prevents the spread of germs and is effective at stifling COVID-19. Steven Odzer notes that hand sanitizer is critical for businesses and governmental agencies to mitigate risk.


The hand sanitizer products are vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. They also have a shelf life of approximately two years, allowing customers to stock up for the long run. For those needing large containers of hand sanitizer, there are 1-gallon bottles available that come 4 gallons per case. Steven Odzer of New York and make it easier to get the right amount of sanitation products for clients big and small. Special offers are available where clients can purchase packages of sanitizer and wipes for an affordable price.


Lifeguard multi-purpose alcohol wipes are antibacterial and made with plant-based alcohol, which is ideal from a sustainability perspective and for the fight against COVID-19. There are 50 wipes per pack, and they are 50 percent alcohol. There is also aloe extract to make the wipes easier on the skin. Steven Odzer offers the multi-purpose wipes in 36 count cases. This makes it easy for businesses or other organizations to get all of the supplies they need when they need them the most.


The Lifeguard brand is respected and trustworthy. It is the Official Janitorial & Restaurant Supplies Partner of the Vegas Golden Knights. Reliability is critical when selecting sanitation and PPE supplies, and earns it positive feedback through exceptional products and service. Other PPE supplies, such as masks, are also available.


Steven Odzer of New York is an entrepreneur and businessman with expertise in distribution and sanitation. As the founder of, he works with the local community to provide effective sanitation products to help businesses stay open and keep people safe. Steven Odzer is a graduate of Brooklyn College and has been in the distribution business for over 30 years.