Steven Odzer

Stephen Odzer Talks About How to Get Involved in Politics

Aside from being the CEO of YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, Stephen Odzer would consider likes to stay involved in politics. He says, “ I am very involved with the Republican Party and Republican Jewish Committee.” As a supporter of the Republican Party and Republican Jewish Committee, Stephen Odzer likes to encourage everyone to get involved with their local politics. He knows that not many people understand how to get started, so he considers it a joy to encourage others to get into politics. Below, Stephen Odzer talks about how to get involved in politics for beginners.

Tzvi Odzer (1)Volunteer for a Local Political Campaign
Stephen Odzer says the best way to get started in politics is by volunteering for a local political campaign. Volunteers who want to learn how the system works will benefit from learning about it in the headquarters of a campaign. Some volunteers help with tasks such as registering new voters, making phone calls, and more.

Join a Political Party
Although Stephen Odzer proudly belongs to the Republican Party, he encourages individuals to join the political party of their choice. The best way to join a party is to get involved and learn who the candidates running for local offices are.

Donate Money to Political Candidates
According to Stephen Odzer, once people find a candidate they believe in, the best way to support them is by donating money to their campaign. They don’t have to donate a lot of money, but even a little bit goes a long way. Those who donate money to their candidates will get access to their campaigns. Most candidates will acknowledge even the smallest of donations.

Watch the News and Stay Updated
One of the best ways to stay involved with politics is to pay attention to the news, according to Stephen Odzer. Learning about current events from reliable sources will help people understand what is at stake and give them a voice on issues that matter. For example, if there is a municipal issue, learning about it encourages people to take action to fix it. Learning about politics by watching the news also allows people to have educated debates.

Stephen Odzer also supports agencies that hire people with disabilities, the AHRC Foundation, Bris Avrohom, Jewish and Non-Jewish causes, and Arab/Jewish business cooperation. When he’s not supporting important causes and political affairs, Stephen Odzer is busy running around after his eight grandchildren. Stephen Odzer also likes to spend time with his seven children, especially at a New York Yankees game.