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At the helm of YBT Industries in Cedarhurst, New York, is Steven Odzer, a seasoned CEO with a rich tapestry of over thirty years in the distribution and shipping sector. His multifaceted approach to leadership involves formulating impactful strategies. It also includes cultivating vibrant company cultures. Additionally, he promotes perpetual learning to heighten organizational outcomes and fiscal prosperity. As a devoted father and grandfather, he integrates his deep family values with his corporate decisions. This highlights his commitment to societal welfare. His passionate advocacy for inclusivity in the workforce is evident. He showcases his relentless pursuit to empower individuals with disabilities, offering them avenues for self-reliance and dignity. He is acutely aware of the paramount importance of meticulous strategy for business endurance. Steven counsels nascent CEOs to embrace their leadership roles with precision in their objectives. He also advises them to accurately align resources to the organization’s aspirations. Stephen Odzer advises a comprehensive and streamlined approach to organizational growth, emphasizing maintaining an edge in competition and focusing on specific production goals to ensure team alignment and motivation.

For him, the essence of being a CEO is deeply rooted in mentorship and holistic development of the team. He insists on the CEO’s role as the principal mentor. He urges consistent, transparent interaction with the executive echelon to ensure alignment with the corporate vision and facilitate a culture of openness and peak performance. Moreover, fostering robust relationships, applauding exceptional endeavors, and maintaining open, reciprocating communication channels are pivotal to creating harmonious and efficient teams. Odzer believes nurturing company culture is not just a responsibility but a privilege for every CEO. He accentuates the importance of celebrating every success, sustaining diversity and inclusivity, fostering transparent and consistent communication, and constructing a cohesive and productive organizational environment.

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Steven Odzer